Beauty Tips and Tricks by JFJ Ambassador Rachel

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1. My favourite beauty products of 2015..

I absolutely LOVE the Cosmedix Clarity Blemish Fighting Serum! It’s perfect as a spot treatment for breakouts, or all over for oily skin types.

Another product by Cosmedix that I adore is the Eye Genius Cream. It keeps my eyes rejuvenated and reduces bags when I’ve had a sleepless night or night-shift.

My new everyday go-to lipstick is by Paintbox Cosmetics. The colour is ‘Vintage Pink’ – it’s very hydrating and lasts all day.

2.  Quick Fixes for Mums on-the-go

1. Spray Tan:  It’s such a timesaver in the morning because a tan makes everything look great, so theres no need to try on your whole wardrobe! The best part is it makes you feel even better.

2. Permanent Lash Extensions: These have saved me so much time in the morning. Not only does it reduce the amount of makeup I need to wear on my eyes, saves me buying mascara and most of all it saves eye makeup running down my face!

3. Shellac Toes & Nails: Perfect chip free nail polish that lasts throughout my busy weeks! Always finishes off my outside and makes me look (and feel) organised and classy .

4. Express updos: So much quicker than trying to do it yourself and very stress free! Half an hour of relaxing in the salon and finishing off with perfect hair.

5. Professional brows! Don’t attempt it yourself, leave it to the experts.

3. My best hair and beauty tips

  1. Tan it! Healthier than a natural tan and really do compliment every outfit. Even better is the two hour black magic tan! You can wash off in 2 hours and continues to develop over 8. A bonus.. my husband can’t complain about stained sheets!
  2. Getting a regular blow wave and treatment really helps to keep my long thick hair maintainable.
  3. Late night Tuesday and Thursday appointments are perfect for mums to get a bit of ‘me’ time when the kids have gone to bed.