Spray Tanning

We use Black Magic Spray Tanning, one of Australia’s leading tanning solutions. A fast drying, non-sticky, natural finish without any orange tint.

Black Magic offers the most natural looking tan and is available in three tan types.

  1. Natural Tan
  2. Rapid 2-Hour Tan
  3. and a darker tan under the label Midnite Magic.

Midnite Magic works brilliantly on medium to dark skin tones, light skin tones are best with Natural Tan.

Black Magic Spray Tanning generally lasts for about 7-10 days, adequate moisturizing can help you to maintain the tan for longer.  Black Magic Spray Tanning does not have any smell and it fades off naturally and evenly.

Body Spray Tanning


Full body 2 hour rapid develop tan


Full body 8 hour develop tan


Tips to get the best from our tanning treatments: Caring for your Spray Tan