Thankyou Rachel!

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The beautiful Rachel Finch reflects on her year as the 2015 JFJ Ambassador.

The JFJ Ambassador role gave me a chance to focus on me! After having my second baby, I was so caught up in caring for my children, my husband, business and job that somewhere along the way I had forgotten about looking after myself.

This role improved my confidence improved dramatically. To be honest, I was slightly apprehensive about how this would impact my role as a psychiatric nurse; but instead it gave me the confidence to not only try new things, but to also apply for new positions in my career.  This year has seen me advance in my career and also feature in a recruitment ad for Bendigo Health.

Other aspects have my life have changed as well, including my beauty regime. I have started to take care and pride in my appearance after many years convinced I couldn’t possibly have great skin and manage the stress of shift work, kids and small business ownership.  I have undervalued the effectiveness of a simple micro and peel combo (amazing pre party prep).  Sometimes it can be the small things. I now understand the difference a simple tan can make on the way you feel about yourself or even the appearance of an outfit.

The biggest thing I learnt was that by simply taking time for myself I actually had more to give and offer. It didn’t actually take time away from my family, but instead it gave better quality of time because I had more to give.
My words to the new ambassador are: enjoy every moment, don’t feel guilt, you have been chosen and you deserve it!  Don’t underestimate the impact this can have on many different aspects of your life and be empowered!

X – Rachel Finch

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